Wa 信喵之野望儲值教學 How to Deposit into CAT Web 2012.10.22

How to Deposit into CAT Web


1) 前往【信喵之野望】官方網站,並按進入遊戲。
Login WasabiiHK account by clicking “GAME START” the game website:

2) 再按使用WasabiiHK登入。
Login the game with correct WasabiiHK member account.

3) 輸入WasabiiHK的帳號及密碼。
Insert the correct WasabiiHK Member ID and password.

4) 點擊遊戲外框的儲值點數。
Click the button on the top of page shown below.

5) 其後會移至以下頁面。
Click the service you need (from the left to the right)
1. Fill in information to become the verified member
2. Purchase game point
3. Deposit game point
4. Transfer game point

6) 根據頁面指示,填寫完整會員資料。
Please fill in correct information step by step.

7) 填寫完成後,頁面會移至以下位置,請再點選點數儲值。
After you have submitted correct information, please click the button in the following picture for game point deposition.

8) 最後,請輸入卡號及密碼後按確認送出便可。
Finally, insert and submit the correct serial and password of the point card.

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